Professional Surveys

Party Wall Surveyor

We specialise in party wall matters acting for both building owners and adjoining owners.  We are able to advise appointing owners through the process and assist in the preparation of formal documentation to enable works to proceed.  Similarly we are able to advise adjoining owners who may be potentially affected by such works and in this regard our services are free of charge when acting for adjoining owners.

Rights To Light

An extension or development could infringe a neighbours right to light and may lead to a dispute.  As a right of light is a civil matter, just because an extension or development has obtained Planning Permission, it does not automatically follow that it can be built if there is a significant right to light infringement and this can result in abortive design or construction work and requires early consideration.

Boundary Disputes

If you are involved in boundary/neighbour disputes, we can offer expert advice with the ability to undertake full land survey measurements, providing expert reports, working alongside solicitors and barristers with facility for direct referral to counsel under the Direct Public Access Scheme for barristers.

Expert Witness/Construction Disputes

We provide expert advice on construction and other related building disputes in accordance with the Civil Procedure.  In addition to the preparation of detailed expert reports we can provide preliminary advice to either party in a dispute who may require an initial assessment on the validity of a claim before legal action is taken and obtain counsels advice under the Direct Public Access Scheme for barristers.

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